Happy hour can be one hell of a time. While getting plastered is quite fun, doing it for half the cost is even better. Unfortunately, a lot of bars have inconvenient happy hour times for college students—Monday through Friday during early evening hours, when students like us are working, in class, at club meetings, or studying. But why should college students have to miss out on all the cheap drinks? Aren’t we the ones that need them the most? Well, luckily for us, Columbus has a variety of bitchin’ happy hours during the times we aren’t too busy to get drunk.

  Library Bar

$0.99 domestic drafts and well liquor

Yeah, it’s that kind of bar—the type of place where you can crawl into the shadows of old wooden booths, carved with the ghosts of campus past. The Library Bar shares its ambiance with your friend’s dilapidated attic—right down to the foosball table and chipped engravings of hearts and phalluses decorating the walls. It’s conveniently located on north campus, and all their house liquor is $1 every single night until 9 p.m. (minus game days). In addition to $1 house liquor, every Saturday a pint of Guinness and Blue Moon is only $2.75 and all other drafts are $0.99 until 9 p.m. This might possibly win best happy hour in my eyes.

    Lucky’s Stout House

$1 domestic drafts and well liquor Saturday 7 – 9 p.m.

Yes, $1 dollar drinks for a full two hours on Saturdays. You read that correctly. Besides the killer deal, Lucky’s is your dream hole-in-the-wall bar located on south campus. Lucky’s is more of a warmer weather bar with its gigantic patio area, complete with wooden picnic tables and corn hole. The vibe mimics all those summer block party you attended in your neighborhood growing up, but with way more booze options, and, best of all FREE POPCORN! *swoons*

     Ugly Tuna

$1 domestic drafts and well liquor during Ugly Hour M-F 8 to 10 p.m. Also on Saturdays, not during football season

Do you like blinding neon lights, hearing hilarious remixes of top 40 hits, and the familiar sickly sweet aroma of bile and cleaning supplies? Yes, the Ugly Tuna is that kind of place. And let me just say, it is also my kind of place. Ugly Tuna reminds me of the kind of bar someone goes to on a beach vacation.

Maybe it’s the kitsch, beachbum artwork that adorn the walls, the tuna fish logo, the balcony seating, or the giant fish bowl signature cocktail—the one with a fluorescent straws that reminds me of a hip, Miami Beach Club. Either way, everyone can enjoy a taste of a bad vacation by attending ugly hour and escaping reality after a few (cheap) drinks.


1$ Bombs, $2 double wells, and $3 32 oz. domestic drafts all night on Thursdays

Park Street on Thursday nights is always an adventure. It’s nice to change up the bar scene from the regular High Street routine every once in awhile. Gaswerks is becoming more popular each year. It’s a spacious bar with a lot of seating, and a large and often raucous patio out front. There’s loads of pool tables to busy your hands, and the DJs always spin some dance worthy tunes.

      Fourth Street Bar & Grill

Every Tuesday half off all drinks all night

Wednesday and Thursdays $2 wells

Sunday Funday half off wells from 4 to 7 p.m.

Fourth Street is the type of bar where shoving your face with fully loaded nachos is completely acceptable, not that it ever shouldn’t be. Or maybe you would prefer to inhale mac and cheese bites with zero shame? The options, and the level of acceptance, at Fourth Street are unlimited. Fourth Street serves up local, classic bar food with killer drink deals in a cozy setting perfect for a wide range of  occasions. Is it a game day, or is any other sizable sporting event happening? Fourth Street has got you covered. Karaoke on a Wednesday? Fourth Street. “Casually” drinking and grabbing dinner while catching up with a few friends? Fourth Street. Too drunk at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday? Fourth Street. Really, it’s the type of place that caters to everyone and everything.

     Little Bar

$2 Long Islands, Long Beaches, Amaretto Sours, and Sex on the Beach Tuesday nights

$1.50 Miller Light and Coors Light 12oz drafts, $2.50 craft and import 120z drafts, and $3 grape/cherry bombs Thursday

$3 little beer shots and Miller and Coors Pounders Friday

$2.50 bottles or 12oz drafts are only $2.50 Sunday

Just like the Library, Little Bar is eternally, and criminally, underrated. Little Bar is chill, and I would even dare to say semi-classy. I mean they even have clean bathrooms. It’s the type of bar you could take your parents to and not be worried about underclassmen and sloppy drunks ruining the ambiance. It’s also the type of bar setting that would be fit for a date, or drinks after dinner with your campus crush. Whenever there’s a meat heads draped in scarlet and grey knocking each other around to gain control of a ball, Little Bar has a monstrous TV outside so even pedestrians can get in on the action.


$1 bombs and drafts, $2 wells Thursdays all night

This is the bar that’s the brunt of everyone’s jokes. Also the place everyone swears they never went to unless they’re were soooo hammered…right? Let’s be real here, we’ve all been to Bullwinkles, and we all have a love hate relationship with it. It’s a bar that takes everything from you: your wallet, phone, shoes, house keys, car keys, and your dignity. Bullwinkles is huge, but somehow is always packed, leaving anyone to rapidly perspire and lose gallons of sweat within seconds. It’s dark, but with colorful flashing lights pulsing to whatever techno beat is being played. Anytime you go to Bulls you’ll wake up muttering to yourself about why you even ended up there in the first place. And you will always have a text from god knows who that you apparently “met at Bullwinkles last night (smile or winky emoji here).” Classic.

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