Devouring the Best Brunch in Town, One Stop at a Time

Standard Hall, with its tremendous rustic interior, has become a favorite bar amongst the locals in the Short North. Peeking through their large windows you can find great drinks, and tasty food, keeping Standard Hall continually busy year-round.

With its newest project, Standard Hall hopes to conquer the world of brunch. Not just creating a standard brunch course, but creating a solid menu that firmly puts the booze in brunch, and change the notion of who brunch is for. 

To start this transformation, Standard decided to masculinize one of the brunch’s longtime staples—The Mimosa.  Mimosas, a fruity drink of Champagne and Orange juice, are the longtime staple of brunch.

Often off limits to men for fear of ridicule by their less evolved peers, Standard looks to put the MAN back in Mimosa, dubbing it the “Manmosa.”

The Manmosa, served in a large glass tankard, is meant to take the characteristically feminized drink and bring it to the man’s man. The utilization of such a large glass recalls butch images of sailors and lumberjacks chinking glasses after a long day’s work, beer spilling over the sides, soaking the wooden floors of their tavern with the manly golden elixir.

These tankards, however, are not filled with such golden juices of the manly man, but rather with an orange citrusy nectar of fruity delight. The Manmosa, a gargantuan 32 ounces in volume, crushes any semblance of femininity. Substituting raw masculinity for delicate flavor, one can be sure If Ron Swanson ever had brunch, it would be at standard with a Manmosa in hand.

Should one not choose to embark upon a journey of bubbly drunkenness, Standard has also brought a build your own Bloody Marry bar to Columbus. It’s a whopping eight feet long, and features every accoutrement imaginable. Restaurant goers may pile their drink high with everything from the standard garnish of celery and lime wedges, to the outright insane, like fried pickles, bacon, and ham and cheese skewers.

Should your goal not be liquid bliss, Standard has a wonderful selection of food items for Columbus’s brunch scene.  Starting with a twist on the French toast sticks we all loved when we were kids, Standard Hall kicks it to the next level with brioche topped with syrup and strawberries.

If the savory side of brunch more suits your mood, a biscuit and gravy skillet topped with a sunny side up egg can also be had to sop up the spirit laden soup that’s been the meal of choice for your weekend activities.

Standard also makes a biscuit and spicy fried chicken sandwich—a flavor combination remnant of fried chicken and waffles, but with a bit of heat that kicks when you’re not looking. Standard Hall’s brunch, with its combination of food and booze, is sure to put a smile on the face of anyone looking to take their Sunday brunch to the next level.

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