1. There are no actual wolverines in Michigan, there either never were any or they killed them all

2. They call carryouts and corner stores party stores, and soda is pop to them

3. It’s the home of some of the shittiest pizza known to man: Domino’s and Little Caesars

4. When you buy weed in Michigan it now has sales tax

5. Detroit, literally one of the worst places on earth

6. Also Flint, Saginaw, Lansing, Grand Rapids, never go to these places

7. Cam’ron never shouted out Michigan, unlike Ohio, or specifically Columbus

8. Fucking Kid Rock is from there, also Ted Nugent

9. It’s really just two peninsulas; give that top bit to Wisconsin, or better yet, Canada

10. Their water is brown

11. Their ginger ale is Vernor’s

12. A man was once convicted of a crime for saying fuck while falling out of a canoe

13. It’s also illegal to sag one’s pants in certain municipalities

14. Superman ice cream is eaten by adults

15. Henry Ford was an anti-semite, and his cars weren’t that great really

16. Steven Seagal is from Lansing

17. Deposits on glass bottles and metal cans

18. There is not one single Waffle House in the entire state

19. It used to belong to the French

20. The goddamn Juggalos, and Faygo

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